Commercial Video Solutions are IDC’s Specialty!

IDC video systems provide customers solutions on a wide variety of levels. Video systems range from basic DVR based systems to fully customizable video analytics. We also provide a wide variety of cameras that can be used in different types of environments.

Video systems are very important because they help ensure safety and productivity. It is an effective tool for any loss-prevention program for your business. You have the ability to monitor your customers and employees through your smartphone or any remote desktop/laptop. The DVR would record any movement in the camera’s vision giving you the ability to go back and review all activity instantly.

We also provide monitoring services for your video system to make sure that anyone that approaches your building while you are closed is well aware that a live operator is monitoring their actions. We call it Video Security Monitoring (VSM). This system is the most sophisticated monitoring alarm system on the market. It goes well beyond a conventional burglar alarm system.


We offer many different types of cameras depending on the environment. It is important to have an experienced IDC representative come to your business to recommend the best solution for you. Below are the different cameras that we provide:

Bullet Cameras
We provide interior and exterior options for these cameras. Exterior models are weatherproof.

Dome Cameras
Also available in interior and exterior options. Exterior models are weatherproof.

Vandal-proof Cameras
These cameras are typically installed outside and come with a housing specially rated for vandal protection. Fully constructed in metal, providing extreme durability.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
These cameras can be controlled by your DVR or remotely through your phone or desktop/laptop. Zoom capabilities range so please inquire about what you need specifically.

Intensifier Series
Amazing technology that allows cameras in extreme low light environments to see in full color; typically used with our VSM system.

IP Cameras
These come in many different styles and connect directly to your network, eliminating the need for a DVR.


Featuring our High Definition 1080P and higher IP Based Surveillance Systems. Clear enough to see facial features, colors, objects in the distance, etc. Fully equipped with our state of the art custom built NVR (Network Video Recorder). We can customize your storage needs. Anywhere from 1 day to 1 year of guaranteed storage. Because all cameras are IP based, this is a very effective solution for large applications such as hotels, stadiums, airports, etc.

Looking for our most advanced, high tech solutions? Learn more about our Video Verification and Video Security Monitoring (VSM) services!



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