Protect your valuables and loved ones with a home security system. IDC can configure and install a system that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Protect your home against invaders and dangerous criminals whether your home when a break-in happens or when you’re away. There are many options that can used to customize your security system including:


We offer all styles of keypads. Keypads can range from a standard keypad with push button numbers, or voice keypads to alert you when something is wrong in actual voice, to touch screen keypads that allow you to remotely control all your home automation.

Motion Sensors

Will catch any movement inside your home. This is great when you need coverage in a full room or hallway.

Glass Break Sensors

Responds to the sound of glass breaking. This protection will provide notification before the intruder can even make into the home.

Sump Pump Detectors

Although this device is not used to prevent burglaries, it is equally important in protecting your home. If your water level rises to a dangerous level, we will notify you immediately 24 hours a day. This device will work whether your are home or not.

Panic Buttons and Wireless Remotes

Carry a remote panic button around with you or have one mounted anywhere in the home. The keypads will also have a panic button on it.


Very important piece of equipment. We carry different sizes and sound levels to fit your preference.

SCP Wireless Transmission

Traditional alarm systems have been working and communicating through phone lines since the beginning of conventional alarm’s existence. In the past, dial tones were the only method of transmitting signals. As you can imagine, the reliability of your alarm system depended on the stability of your phone service. But what if someone cuts your phone or internet from outside? Today, there are more effective and stable options to ensure uninterrupted signal transmission back to IDC’s central station.

IDC provides a stable wireless connection back to our central station so that you do not have to depend solely on your phone service. Our wireless unit comes with its own battery backup as well. Even if you lose power and your phone lines, you can sleep well knowing that IDC will still get your signals in the event of an emergency. Ask about our wireless transmission solution today.



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